I enjoy planning and leading mountain biking adventures. I ride with three groups, described below.

The Kidz: is a mountain biking club that I started in a correction facility in 2007. It is still going strong, once a week, rain or shine. I shot this movie with a GoPro camera mounted on my handlebar.  I gave a TED Talk about this project, and wrote a short story about one of these rides.

The Geriz: This album is from a typical ride with my Geriatric Riders group,  a hardened team of 60+ year old folks who did more than a thousand such full-day trips together. The photographs are by my friend and fellow rider Rafael Rabinovitz. I wrote a book about the Geriz adventures. The book became so popular that it is now out of press.

The Leaderz: is a group of executives and bikers who ride with me roughly once a month, as part of a course called Leadership at Large.  I started this executive education course at IDC in 2010, and since then ran it seven times together with my fellow rider and management consultant Ofer Levi.