I teach a mix of computer science and "other courses", some of which are on the wild side.  During the last few years I've developed and taught mostly the following courses:

to CS

Introduction to Computer Science is a core CS course taken each year by about 300 students. We use Java to give a rigorous and hands-on overview of some key ideas and techniques in computer science. we also teach object-oriented programming, solving all sorts of interesting problems. 

In this course students build a complete modern computer system - hardware and software - from the ground up.  The development of this course (joint work with Noam Nisan) led to a best-selling textbookpublished by MIT Press,  two MOOCS  listed in Coursera's Top Rated Courses, and a TED talk. Nand to Tetris courses are now taught in 100+ universities.

This course takes students to some of the most amazing geographical and intellectual journeys in recorded history. Examples are Scott's and Amundsen's race to the south pole,  Darwin's voyage of the Beagle, Abraham's exodus from Ur Kasdim to Cnaan, Lewis and Clark's opening of the west, and more.  

This executive education course is taken each year by about 30 managers who are also mountain bikers.  The course consists of 4 campus meetings and 8 outdoor meetings, each being a full-day mountain biking experience. We use hard core mountain biking to learn, by analogy, how to handle extreme situations involving uncertainty, risk, and unpopular decisions.